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Oh, this has been so long in coming. Big changes.

OLab 4.6 is now up and running. Seems to be quite stable.

Sorry that this took so long but we had to do a complete rewrite on the Player engine. This is now based on the .NET framework rather than PHP, where we were running into too many problems. However, the .NET environment has proven to be much more stable. It has also allowed us to integrate some much needed functionality around IAMS (Identity Access Management Systems) stuff and role-based access.

The model continues to use a Single Page Architecture, which has lots of advantages and that we will get into in our more technical forums.  

For users, this means more responsive forms and widgets, and much speedier response times as the user load climbs.

Cases created in OLab3 can be imported into OLab 4.6 -- the Import tool still needs a bit of buffing up but should be available soon.

If you want to try out some cases, you can either do it from this Moodle site, or by going to our new OLab 4.6 demo server - user 'guest' as username and password.