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    PiHPES: Precision in Health Professions Education Scholarship

    The PiHPES project is exploring ways to provide data-informed feedback and assessment in educational contexts. 

    We are using a variety of techniques to accomplish this. While we use Moodle as a front-end to contains courses, modules, scenarios etc, a lot of our metrics are based on OLab4, our education research platform

    Many of the courses and modules that you find here are designed to help you make better use of OLab

    • Discussions on learning designs, challenges in case authoring, fixes and workarounds. 

      For OLab and OpenLabyrinth case authors and educators everywhere. 

    • Frequently Asked Questions about OLab4, our core platform for PiHPES. 

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Available courses

Some open information on how to use TTalk in OLab4 virtual scenarios.

KISS and use Princess case where it who plays the moderator is not based on role. 

OLab v4.6 brings a raft of new possibilities. 

Explore how these will make you more productive and your materials more interesting. 

Built on the trustworthy architecture of OpenLabyrinth versions 2 and 3, this research platform promises dependability but opens up a whole new raft of interesting new ways to explore thinking and decision making in your learners.