Topic outline

  • Scoped Objects and reusability

  • Rapid design of scenarios and objects

  • Use your words: TTalk and communication skills

    • How the TTalk service is improved in OLab4.6, with some powerful new agent types. 

  • At your service: integrating OLab with others

    • Issues around user management: Identity and Access Managment Services (IAMS). 

      In OpenLabyrinth v3, we spent a considerable amount of time on simple user management. This is not a good use of our resources. For OLab4, the core application will be released as a service. Who can access the functions of OLab4 will be managed by external systems. This allows organizations and schools to set up their own desired user management systems such as Moodle, LDAP, Active Directory etc. 

      We would like to quiz you on your needs in this area. (There are no 'correct' answers. If not sure, give us your best estimate.)

    • How we have connected OLab to other applications, platforms and services

    • Like Moodle and most LMSs, OLab now uses Roles to control access. It has improved its authorization model and aligns well with the roles defined by Moodle.